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Roland Delcol

15.75 x 23.65, Oil on canvas

Precursor of Hyperralism in Belgium since 1968.

“If Gnoli is a pioneer, Roland Delcol is just another.” Alain Germoz in the Magazine “Spécial” dec. 1973.

Roland Delcol was born in 1942 in Brussels , Belgium . Delcol's formal education encompasses a wide range from studying business at the University of Brussels ; to obtain a well-rounded art education at the Ministry of Culture, the Academy of Fine Arts at Saint-Gilles-lez-Brussels , Il Trifoglio in Milan , the Atelier Jobin in Paris .
He was exhibited with many great contemporary artists including : Calder, Botero, Hockney, Miro, Magritte, Delvaux and others.

Delcol maintains an extensive show schedule. His work is presented in many major museums and galleries focused :

•  in Belgium, including Brachot Gallery, Horta Museum, University of Brussels, Brussels Royal Museum of Modern Art ;
•  in France, including espace Deauville, FIAC, Salon de Mai, Salon of today's Great and Young, American Center, UNESCO ;
•  in Germany, including Ludwig Forum für International Kunst, Von der Heydt-Museum, Städtische Galerie Delmonhorst, Paderborn Städtische Galerie, IKI Düsseldorf, Internationale Art Market Cologne ;
•  in Italy , including Schubert Gallery Milano, Il Fauno Gallery Torino, Angoletto Gallery Florence ;
•  in Israël, including Debel Gallery ;
•  in USA , including Allentown Art Museum , Alexie Gallery NY , International Museum of Art of El Paso , Laredo Center for the Art, Brad Cooper Gallery Tampa, etc …

Through his work, Roland Delcol hopes to inspire his viewer to read the intellectual, poetic undertones in his sexual themes. He says “My technique is classical and traditional, with a touch of humor and contemplation”. Delcol's timeless paintings have something happening, without being anecdotal.

Philosopher Gilles Deleuze wroteto Delcol about his work : “ … what moves me so much in your painting is the intensity you reach in the gaze of your characters … even the drooping eyelids (most often in men), do not hide, but follow such a heavy gaze … I am grateful to have discovered your work, and whish to express my admiration”.

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